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Class 4 MOT


Major Service


Oil and Filter Service


Interim Service




Steering Alignment

* Prices may vary due to size or complexity, please enquire for your vehicle

Diagnostic Services

We are excited to announce a new service for our customers, rolling out this July in conjunction with Protune and Alientech, providing custom performance/economy ECU remaps using the latest tuning technology.

This will give your vehicle optimum power, performance and fuel economy with on average a 25% increase in BHP and Torque, we can also help with DPF issues, EGR Issues, Flat spot/driveability faults

We are the only approved garage in Stoke-on-Trent to provide this service, for more information please see Protune's website.

From £250 Plus Vat

Want to book a service? Give us a call now!
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